By clicking the button below you will be able to book in for a one on one Psychic Medium Reading, or Group Readings 2 - 5 people.

One on One readings can be done in person, over the phone, or over zoom. Each session whether in person or not is the same beautiful experience.


Psychic Medium Readings

Christopher Stilson will tap into energy from the other side. Our true home Heaven. Where then he can get information from your loved ones, and others, relaying messages and giving insight to help you here in the physical world.

This can be done in person, over the phone, or over zoom. These readings can be one on one, Group Readings of 2 - 5 people, Psychic Parties 6 - 9 people, or Large Events such as Gallery Readings.

Note: To book in for One on One Readings, or Group Readings you can click the button below. Psychic Parties and Large Events you must contact us directly at (607-857-8820)


Transformational Coaching

During these session, Christopher will still tap into spirit a little. But we focus on the mindset, working with the Universal Laws, and help you push through barriers in life and create the life you want.

Note: These sessions are One on One Sessions unless you chose to work in a program. You can book a Transformational Coaching Session by clicking the button below.


Feng Shui

Feng Shui means "wind and water" it is a 4,000 year old practice that helps create a proper environment for you. This creates better energy through your space and helps with your connection with the Law off attraction.

Christopher is a Diamond Feng Shui Consultant and can help you with:

Feng Shui your Life

Feng shui your Business

Feng Shui for Real EstateĀ 

To book in for a Feng Shui Consultation and get started please call: (607)857-8820

Energy Therapy

Christopher will take time to have a conversation with you on how you have been feeling lately, and how has life been over all. After the conversation, Christopher will have you relax as he connects with Angelic energy and works with the clearing of your own energy. This is known as Reiki or Integrated Ā Energy Therapy.

To book in for a Energy Therapy Session please click the button below.



Feng Shui your Life program.

Thinking into Results Program

Unlocking your Psychic Self Program

Three powerful programs that will help you learn more about yourself, change your environment, work with your own mindset and the universal laws, and connect with guidance on the other side. Plus MUCH more!

To be able to register for a programs please contact us at (607)857-8820