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World Renown Psychic Medium, Transformational Leader, Spiritual Teacher, International Best Selling Author, Diamond Feng Shui Consultant, Dream Team Member, Energy Therapist

Christopher Stilson

...Is a Psychic Medium from a small town in upstate New York called Elmira. He is also known as the Twin Tiers Medium. He was born psychic but the earliest he can recall communicating with spirit is when he was only four years old.

At the end of elementary school, he soon realized that no one was sharing the same experiences as him, so he decided to try his best and block it out. This led him Suffering from anxiety and depression. in the beginning of high school, he was having yet another panic attack when, out loud, he asked for the anxiety to go away.

A familiar voice answered back: “if you would just listen to me, I can help you.” He agreed to accept whatever advice he was given. He found out from that conversation that he was a psychic medium and that the familiar voice that had followed him throughout his life was his spirit guide Anna.

Now, he and Anna have come together and have helped hundreds to thousands connect with their loved ones on the other side and to read their life charts in order to help them move forward and feel more confident on their own, wonderful life path.

He does this all with his God-given gift and information he has gathered in his own studies and from what he also receives from the other side; our true home.



Ready to tap into the Secrets to Life? There are three ways to get started. 

One-on-One Appointments

Book a One-on-One Reading or Transformational Coaching Sessions. This will help you get guided messages from the other side or start the process to help change your mindset.


Learn a new ways to change your environment, change your mindset, work with the universal laws, connect with spirit and get your own guidance. There are numerous programs to which will help you in every aspect of your life!


Whether for a Large Event, Small Group Readings, Psychic Parties, and more. Christopher Stilson Living has you covered!


Christopher Stilson with Marie Diamond Feng Shui Master and Star of the hit flim “The Secret.” Marie is Christophers Feng Shui master and friend, this picture is during her book launch and TV show Premiere “Feng Shui your Life”


WETM Christophers home town news station contacted Chris to help create a web series. This became a huge hit and brought a lot of traffic to their website. Top chart!


Christopher had the opportunity to write a book with Feng Shui Master and Star of the hit film “The Secret” Marie Diamond. This book became #1 best seller in 8 different countries. Which then made Chris a international best selling author.


The KeyStone theater contacted Christopher to ask to do and event which then lead to his first personal on stage live show.


The Kilmer Mansion contacted Chris to ask if he would be willing to do an event there. This then lead to numerous events at the Kilmer Mansion which now continues.

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